Namaste to all of you

dear friends of Mysore!


Through the years and for many years, yoga students have rallied to help poor families who face medical crises in India : orphans, women’s cause, educational programs, medical helps, animals’ shelters…

Each of us, practitioner of Ashtanga, comes to Mysore at one point. A good amount of us , choose their cause, choose to help , besides their yoga practice and studies there.
Chris Ebbe and myself, have been sincerely grateful and touched by your involvement through the years. So many things we wouldn’t have done with your kind and generous help.

However, we can live in that city, evolve, be busy and engrossed in our different occupations , activities, too often without knowing what happens , just next to us, so close to us. Sadly, it’s frequently, at opposite ends of our pleasant and sweet mysorian routine .

Rarely do we encounter a story as tragic as the one below. Please take a minute to read the details of Poon Dev, Rani Devi and their brave son Sita, who has faced a challenge this year that few of us can imagine.

For this family and their son and to all of you that we see every year and who will surely come back, we are asking for help, as we’ve done many times over the last 6 years…


The Situation

Poondev and Rani Devi are laborers who migrated from Bihar, a poor state in northern India, to work in Karnataka. They lived with their 2 young sons, as many laborers do, in a makeshift hut adjacent to the construction site at which they worked. Their home didn’t have proper water, gas, or electrical connections. Their eldest son, Sita, had come to visit his family just before the Holi festival.

One night, Sita turned on his charging mobile phone to listen to some songs. The voltage was unstable perhaps because the electrical connection provided was an illegal connection cobbled together by amateurs. Whatever the reason, the mobile exploded while Sita was using it. The explosion devastated his facial structure, leaving him in an immediate, life-or-death situation.

Having made it through the first surgery and 4 months in a hospital room recovering, a series of additional surgeries are required—4 more are currently planned to restore his face. The cost of the surgeries is covered by the government hospital. During the explosion, his nose shifted to one side of his face; his teeth have all been removed; his gums destroyed; and his tongue and lips so damaged that he can’t keep saliva in his mouth. During Sita’s first 4 months in the hospital, Poondev and Rani Devi exhausted their life savings and sold all their possessions.

The chance for Sita to get married, lead a normal life, and take a regular job are slim due to his appearance and the trauma of the accident.

For additional information:
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The Goal 

#PracticeForSita aims to unite yoga schools from around the world during the Hindu festival season of 2015. In our initial fundraising, we’d like to raise $8,000US to place in an account for Sita.

The money itself won’t be touched. Instead, the interest on the account will supplement any income Sita makes to provide him housing, provisions, and medical care. Interest rates are high here in India, so this money will last him, literally, his lifetime.


The Plan

We’re inviting 40 teachers to each hold a donation class at their studio or in their Mysore room.  If each teacher can commit to $200US from the class, then we’ll meet our goal and Sita will be on his way to a happier, more secure life!

Donations from these classes can be made through the Operation Shanti website:


The first festival of the season is soon. Here’s a list of the upcoming festivals:

  • Ganesha/Gowri – 17 September
  • Gandhi’s birthday – 02 October
  • Dassera – 22 October
  • Diwali – 11 November

 The equinox is also a great time to do a special event, whether it’s a simple donation collection during a class; or a brunch you host after class one day; or workshop from which the proceeds on donated.  If these days don’t work for your schedule, that’s fine too. Choose a day that works for your studio and students!

Any funds raised for #TeachForSitaram or #PracticeForSita over and above the stated target of $8,000 will be put toward Operation Shanti’s existing charitable efforts in Mysore, India.

How to Get Involved

  1. If you’re interested in #PracticeForSita, email Chris Ebbee ( ceebbe@gmail.com ) or Flora Brajot ( florapsara@yahoo.fr ) to let us know.
  2. Let us know when you’re thinking of doing an event
  3. Market your program using the information about Sita above and use the web flyer below to advertise and the link to this page ( https://florabrajotyoga.com/practiceforsita/ )
  4. Send the funds to ensure Sita’s future is as bright as possible


Thank you!!


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